Diary of a Daughter in Diaspora by Bayan Founas

Diary of a Daughter in Diaspora by Bayan Founas

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Watan offers a curated selection of used books on Palestine (and other pertinent topics), ranging from works of non-fiction to prose, poetry to novels, and more. This offering is an extension of our Palestinian Women's Library (available for free use at our Orland Park location).


In her first book, Founas outlines her life experiences and views through poetry. As the daughter of Algerian immigrants, she depicts the realities of growing up in America in the diaspora – leaving her between two foreign lands. She also provides a unique glimpse into the glories and traumas of educating black and brown youth in Detroit. This body of work is HER story as a first-generation Muslim woman growing up in America – a narrative that is rarely told from one’s own perspective.

“This poignant book of poetry spans an expansive array of topics: Islamophobia, microaggressions, racial identity, misogyny, the Trump administration, the occupation of Palestine, U.S.-led wars, European colonialism, and violence against African American communities. In the midst of living the challenges of diaspora, readers also experience the joy of falling in love and the pain of heartbreak. Diary of a Daughter in Diaspora courageously captures the local and global politics that structure our lives today.” -Evelyn Alsultany, author of Arabs and Muslims in the Media: Race and Representation after 9/11