Palestinian "A Woman's Voice is A Revolution" Box

Palestinian "A Woman's Voice is A Revolution" Box

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Feature a bit of traditional Palestinian art as part of your everyday routine. Our culture, after all, is our resistance!

  • The art on the face of the box is of an original watercolor/drawing (you might recognize these women from our tatreez phone case and zipper pouch). This piece hopefully signals a shift in focus (at least for now) in our work; we hope to increasingly commemorate/memorialize/proclaim the foundational work of Palestinian womxn, from the SJP member doing all the behind-the-scenes work to the public figures who are so easily sidelined by their male colleagues to the artists whose critical works have been forgotten (and so many more).


  • Each box is hand-painted and features a small swatch of our familiar Palestinian women print (printed on a durable eco canvas fabric); the metal fastenings are made of a brass metal (so, please, avoid water to ensure long-lasting color).
  • Measurements: 2.75 inches x 2.75 inches x 1.75 inches.