Palestinian "A womxn's voice is a revolution" Phone Case

Palestinian "A womxn's voice is a revolution" Phone Case

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Watan is proud to present our first batch of Palestinian phone cases!

  • The art on the case is a combination of an original watercolor/drawing and original vector tatreez background. This piece hopefully signals a shift in focus (at least for now) in our work; we hope to increasingly commemorate/memorialize/proclaim the foundational work of Palestinian womxn, from the SJP member doing all the behind-the-scenes work to the public figures who are so easily sidelined by their male colleagues to the artists whose critical works have been forgotten (and so many more).
  • The Arabic on the case roughly translates to: "a woman's voice is a revolution".
  • Please note: this is not a commentary on what predicates being a "womxn" and will not/should not be used as a front for homophobia, transphobia, etc. We attempt to blur the lines of traditional femininity in the drawing to include this wide spectrum of identification.


  • Made using a special heat technique for long-lasting, high quality imagery. The cases are not ink-printed and won't rub off, fade, or lose their luster.
  • Made of a firm, protective silicone.