Palestinian Flag Embroidered Red Hijab Scarf

Palestinian Flag Embroidered Red Hijab Scarf

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Feature a bit of traditional Palestinian art as part of your everyday wardrobe. Our culture, after all, is part of our resistance!

  • This scarf was designed in-house at Watan. The flag design is bordered by the Reesha (feather) border commonly seen on Palestinian thobes. The embroidery is mirrored on each side of the scarf and extends across the bottom of each side, with a few inches of empty space to each side as pictured above.
  • Our scarves are produced in partner with a Palestinian studio based in Amman, Jordan. We create in small batches to ensure the quality and sustainability of each piece.


  • Dimensions: 52 in. x 65 in.
  • The back of the embroidery includes a black stabilizing fabric to solidify the embroidery on the scarf. The standard leftover amount of the fabric has been removed. If you'd like a looser flow to the embroidery when you receive your scarf, you can carefully rip away any leftover visible black fabric on the backside of the embroidery; this will create a looser feel to the embroidery.