Palestinian Olive Harvest Map Patch

Palestinian Olive Harvest Map Patch

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> Feature a bit of traditional Palestinian art as part of your everyday wardrobe. Our culture, after all, is part of our resistance!

> This piece is a part of our Olive Harvest Capsule Collection (OHCC). The OHCC was created in effort of connecting to a tradition that many of us have grown up away from. The olive harvest season begins during the fall, with its peak stretching from mid-October to the beginning of November. Historically, olive trees have been a staple in our economy. Even in today's modernized (see: industrialized) world, the olive harvest constitutes almost 25% of the Palestinian agricultural economy; it is thus easy to easy why so many Palestinians continue to rely on this particular crop harvest. As of today, around 9 million olive trees exist in the West Bank alone. It takes thousands of workers to harvest as much of the olives as possible before the end of harvest time.

Yet, we see the exemplification of the occupation in the instance of the harvest. Palestinians often face severe restrictions on harvesting from their own lands and trees, diminishing the possible harvesting time from weeks to a mere few days. In many other cases, Israeli settlers and IDF soldiers destroy and uproot trees as a way of terrorizing Palestinians, encroaching upon land, and making subsistence on the agricultural economy almost impossible (think of the scenes from '5 Broken Cameras'). Since 1967, Israel has uprooted and destroyed upwards of 800,000 olive trees.

And yet, the olive harvest season remains a celebrated facet of Palestinian life. Can you imagine this significance, in spite of it all? It makes you want to go back, just to be a part of this undoubtedly breathtaking time of year.

> I wanted to soften up the familiar image of the outline of Palestine and thus illustrated a pattern of olive branches and zeitoun (olives).

> Each patch measures to be about 3.5" x 0.5". This patch is 75% embroidered with a full black border, so it has a smooth, satiny finish. The patch is smooth. Each patch has an iron-on back and can consequently be ironed onto fabric and fabric-like backings. For increased strength and sturdiness of the bond, we would recommend also stitching the patch into your desired cloth.

> 10% of proceeds from all Olive Harvest Capsule Collection items will be donated to the Palestine charity and/or project of Watan's choice! Past examples of what types of projects we donate to include: Adalah (a Palestinian legal organization), PCRF, "Masafer Yatta: They Destroy, We Rebuild", and more. Here, we will usually place an emphasis on donating to Palestinian legal organizations to help aid work done in protecting Palestinian property and life in all their forms.