Qahwa Cup Stud Earrings (Brass)

Qahwa Cup Stud Earrings (Brass)

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Feature a bit of traditional Palestinian art as part of your everyday wardrobe. Our culture, after all, is our resistance!

  • These earrings use a simplified Watan illustration of a popular qahwa (coffee) cup.


  • Measures about .5 in diameter.
  • Made from a strong brass metal; each piece is adhered to surgical steel posts with surgical steel butterfly backs.
  • Care: Though these are made from very strong material, the earrings should be handled with care to extend their wear and avoid scratching/general damage. Please also note that the pendants are made of tumble-polished brass and can change color. When putting on or taking off the earrings, be delicate to ensure longevity of the pieces.