The "Zahret Al-Mada'en" Phonecase V1 (Black)

The "Zahret Al-Mada'en" Phonecase V1 (Black)

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Please note: this listing is for slightly defective versions of this phone case; the white ink is a bit faded but the case protects your phone well in any case!


  • The art on the case is a Watan illustration of the Dome of the Rock (as seen in a few of other pieces) against a starry black background. The illustration is accompanied by a line of Arabic: "Our eyes turn to you [Jerusalem] everyday". This line comes from a famous song by Fairuz called "Zahret Al-Mada'en" where she famously invokes a love and loyalty for the city of Jerusalem, telling a story of rich Christian and Muslim history and diversity in the city.


  • Made out of a very durable and clear rubber material. They offer great protection and are made to ensure a long-lasting quality.