Watan Kuffiyeh Heart Screenprinted Tote Bag

Watan Kuffiyeh Heart Screenprinted Tote Bag

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> Watan is proud to present our first batch of Palestinian totes! Feature a bit of traditional Palestinian art as part of your everyday life.

> This tote depicts the kuffiyeh heart from the original Watan logo. I hate branding things with logos (all that materialist nonsense) but I've always loved this heart design. Perhaps, so will you?

> Each tote is made using a 100% lightweight cotton canvas bag. The heart design is screenprinted on each tote, ensuring long-lasting design. Each bag measures to be about 15 in. x 16 in. With the handles, each tote is 22 inches long.

> 10% of proceeds from all items will be donated to the Palestine charity and/or project of Watan's choice! Past examples of what types of projects we donate to include: PCRF, "Masafer Yatta: They Destroy, We Rebuild", and more.