Palestinian Intifada Thobe Poster

Palestinian Intifada Thobe Poster

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High-resolution print of an original Watan art piece.

  • The design of this Qabbeh was sourced from a piece in Widad Kawar's sizable Middle East costume collection (housed at the Tiraz Centre in Amman). The thobe is named an "Intifada Dress"; at the time of the 1st Intifada, women sewed the colors of the Palestinian flag into their dresses in response to Israeli confiscation of Palestinian flags. On multiple levels, the choices of what we wear is political. But the political is rarely so overt as it is in the Intifada dress. Long live.


  • Dimensions of this piece are about 27.5 inches x 20 inches.
  • Perfect for your college dorm, home, or office.