As part of our ongoing at work at Watan--from hosting Palestine-focused workshops, researching our heritage, becoming the community resource we needed when we were younger, and beyond--we periodically offer supplemental syllabi with collection releases (or when, we feel, is necessary.

To help your education, we present a selection of syllabi for your continued learning about and dedication to Palestine. May we never allow loyalty to be clouded by ignorance or miseducation.

Watan. Armenian Hebron Ceramic Tile.

The #PalestiniArt Syllabus

As part of our first #PalestiniArt competition in collaboration with our friends at @PalestiniArt on Instagram, we challenged our followers from all over the world and from all different backgrounds to research Palestinian art and recreate a piece at home. A fun way to pass the COVID19 quarantine, huh? We created this effort in order to insert elements of fun and competitiveness as we encourage people to really delve deep into Palestinian heritage and culture outside the common icons, motifs, and [male-centered] popular figures.

"The Winter Archives" Collection Syllabus