The #PalestiniArt Syllabus

As part of our first #PalestiniArt competition in collaboration with our friends at @PalestiniArt on Instagram, we challenged our followers from all over the world and from all different backgrounds to research Palestinian art and recreate a piece at home. A fun way to pass the COVID19 quarantine, huh? We created this effort in order to insert elements of fun and competitiveness as we encourage people to really delve deep into Palestinian heritage and culture outside the common icons, motifs, and [male-centered] popular figures.

To help your education, we present this constantly-updating syllabus of reading materials and resources!

Watan. Armenian Hebron Ceramic Tile.

Virtual Tours & Art Spaces

Virtual Tour of Palestinian Museum: Jerusalem Lives Exhibit Glimmer of a Grove Beyond Exhibit

Virtual Tour of Darat al-Funun

Barjeel Online Exhibits

Zawyeh Gallery

Barjeel Art Foundation Palestine Collection

Darat al-Funun: Archive of Exhibits Videos

Virtual Tour of the Museum of the Palestinian People (DC)


Books & Resources

The Museum of Modern Art, Modern Art in the Arab World (Free PDF)

Kamal Ballouta, Palestinian Art: From 1850 to the Present

Kamal Ballouta, “Artists Re-Member Palestine in Beirut” (Free PDF)

Samia Halaby, Drawing the Kafr Qasem Massacre (About the Book)

Bashir Makhoul & Gordon Hon, The Origins of Palestinian Art


Artist Talks

Samia Halaby in an Online Cultural Majlis


People to Know

Kathy Zarur

Samia Halaby

Kamal Boullata 

Jumana Emil Abboud

Jumana El-Husseini

Suleiman Mansour

Mona Hatoum

Nabil Anani

Ismail Shammout

Adam Bakri

Malak Mattar

Mona Saudi

Abdul Hay Mosallam Zarara

Nicola Saig

Jack Persekian

Khalil Halaby

Leila Abdelrazaq

Suhad Khatib

Khaled Hourani

Ibrahim Ghannam

Ahed Izhiman

Tayseer Barakat

Varvara Razak

Larissa Sansour

Juliana Seraphim

Laila Shawa

Karim Abu-Shakra

Abed Abdi

Ibrahim Hazimeh

Fouad Agbaria

Samira Badran

Oussama Diab

Chris Gazaleh

Naji Al-Ali

Mustafa Al-Hallaj

Jacqueline Reem Salloum

Wafa Hourani