"The Winter Archives" Collection Syllabus


Watan. Armenian Hebron Ceramic Tile.


So let's do a bit of reading, shall we?

  • "The Winter Archives" by Jumana (founder of Watan): This primer video gives a bit of context behind the development of the collection.

[On] Archives

On Embroidery

  • The Palestinian Museum's "Labour of Love" exhibition guide: "Although embroidery has been historically considered marginal, or dismissed as ‘women’s work’, Labour of Love celebrates women whose work is their strength, and who wield that strength from the margins. [...] Embroidery involves the humblest of gestures: the repetitive binding of thread to fabric. Labour of Love argues for the exploration of Palestinian history, politics, and culture through the simple intimacy of this practice."
  • This brief primer, "Fabric of Resistance" by Elizabeth McInerny, on the exhibit described above.

On Solidarity & Interconnected Liberation Movements

  • The current issue of the Journal for Palestinian Black-Palestinian Transnational Solidarity: Renewals, Returns, and Practice: "This introductory essay outlines the context for this special issue of the Journal of Palestine Studies on Black-Palestinian transnational solidarity (BPTS). Through the analytic of “renewal,” the authors point to the recent increase in individual and collective energies directed toward developing effective, reciprocal, and transformative political relationships within various African-descendant and Palestinian communities around the world. Drawing from the extant BPTS literature, this essay examines the prominent intellectual currents in the field and points to new methodologies and analytics that are required to move the field forward. With this essay, the authors aim not only to contextualize the field and to frame this special issue, but also to chart new directions for future intellectual and political work."

On Music