The Hebron Ceramic Tile Phonecase

The Hebron Ceramic Tile Phonecase

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Watan is proud to present our first batch of clear Palestinian iPhone cases!

  • The art on the case is a Watan illustration based on Hebron ceramic pottery. It's a funny story actually! Armenian-Palestinians are actually the original creators of the distinctive tile styles we see now coming from Palestine. Hebron was always renowned for its glass-making, especially a special type of swirl glass and blue glass. Commissions for this glass originated from all over the world. With the advent of advancements in glass-making at the turn of the 19th century (I believe), orders declined and, with them, so did the number of factories in Palestine. As a consequence, Hebron workshops actually began making ceramic pieces as well, often copying original designs from Armenians in Jerusalem. These styles, which were making a comeback of their own, were very popular at the time. So the tiles and mugs and bowls you usually attribute to Hebron are actually Armenian in origin!
  • I wanted to make a phonecase with this beautiful design to pay homage to this historic (and, personally, something very evocative of home) art form.


  • Made out of a very durable and clear rubber material. They offer great protection and are made to ensure a long-lasting quality.