"Anti-Zionist Vibes Only" Sticker

"Anti-Zionist Vibes Only" Sticker

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Feature a bit of traditional Palestinian art as part of your everyday life. Our culture, after all, is part of our resistance!

  • This sticker features the phrase "Anti-Zionist Vibes Only" against a background photo of the Dome of the Rock dated from the British Mandate period.
  • We decided to flip the saying "good vibes only" into this politically-conscious statement of "anti-zionist vibes only". The first saying tends to impart an inclination towards non-accountability; in other words, the person wants good feelings only and does not want to complicate and/or account for any negativity on their/another's part. Is this sentiment perhaps reflective of much of youth culture these days? We would argue yes, when it comes to individuals who profit off the privilege their station in society provides them. So, in this pointed turn, we played with this phrase and instead turned it into an unapologetic, principled stance taken against racism, colonial projects, etc. Everything we say, do, and believe has stakes to it, has implications to it. We simply want to reaffirm and remind folks of this.


  • Made of a thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate that protects your stickers from scratching, rain, and sunlight.
  • Measures to be about 3.8 x 1.8 inches.