Ahed Tamimi Sticker

Ahed Tamimi Sticker

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Watan is proud to present our second batch of Palestinian stickers! Feature a bit of traditional Palestinian art as part of your everyday life. Our culture, after all, is our resistance!

  • This sticker features a portrait of Ahed Tamimi holding the flag of Palestine over a heart (which is placed over your heart). For those who might not know about Ahed's significance, a cursory search should suffice (beginning with her Wikipedia article is one place to start). While we usually shy away from pieces focusing on such current events (out of fear of a misplacement of intentions, we usually relegate events like these purely to illustrations on social media), we decided to commemorate Ahed's place in history through this piece. Even more, we chose to consciously donate to Adalah (as explained later) so as concretely benefit legal work in Palestine. Through this project, we want to explore a few questions we're interested in, namely: what is it about a movement that [perhaps eagerly] creates icons out of Palestinian women? what becomes of an icon once it has attained this status? can we continue to consciously engage with these symbols of resistance and enrich our understanding of our struggle? when we live in a world constantly motivated by capitalism/consumerism, is this act of "icon-making" healthy and/or necessary? we also must think of a previous icon, Leila Khaled, and her important place in Palestinian history; yet, we must also think of her status as an icon, her subsequent support of the Regime (nameless, so we don't get flagged, yeesh), and continued adulation of her bookmark in history.


  • Made of a thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate that protects your stickers from scratching, rain, and sunlight.
  • Measures to be about 3 x 3 inches.



Donations from the Ahed Tamimi Collection will be donated to Adalah, an independent human rights organization and legal center based in historic Palestine. Adalah's mission is to promote human rights in Israel in general and the rights of the Palestinian minority, citizens of Israel, in particular (around 1.5 million people, or 20% of the population). This work also includes promoting and defending the human rights of all individuals subject to the jurisdiction of the State of Israel (e.g. Palestinian residents of the OPT). Adalah is the first Palestinian Arab-run legal center in Israel, and the sole Palestinian organization that works before Israeli courts to protect the human rights of Palestinians in Israel and in the OPT. In this small way, we hope to support further legal work in Palestine.