Mahmoud Darwish "Lovers at Sunrise" Poetic Wall Art (Gold Mirror)

Mahmoud Darwish "Lovers at Sunrise" Poetic Wall Art (Gold Mirror)

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This particular design features a line of poetry by Palestinian poet laureate Mahmoud Darwish. The line comes from his poem "Now, As You Awake, Remember" and translates approximately to: "Have you seen the sun rise from between the fingers of that whom you love?" To listen to the reading of the full poem by the poet himself:


  • Made from a strong, gold mirror acrylic.
  • Measures to be about 4.25 inches wide and 15 inches tall.
  • Though these are made from a very strong material, the piece should be handled with care to ensure longevity of the piece.
  • TO HANG: We recommend using double-sided sticking tape, Command strips to cut to hang up the pieces, or sticky tack (our personal favorite option).