Palestinian "Al-Kawkab Al-Ardy" Fadwa Tuqan Print

Palestinian "Al-Kawkab Al-Ardy" Fadwa Tuqan Print

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High-resolution print of an original Watan art piece. This piece depicts a line of poetry by famed Palestinian author, Fadwa Tuqan; the stanza comes from the poem "This Earth" (or "Al-Kawkab Al-'Ardhy"). The lines depicted:

هذا الكوكب الأرضي"

لو بيدي

لو أني أقْدر أن أقْلِبه هذا الكوكبْ

لو أني أملك أن أملأه هذا الكوكبْب

بذور الحبّْ

فتعرِّش في كلّ الدنيا

أشجار الحبّْ

ويصير الحب هو الدنيا

"ويصير الحب هو الدربْ

A rough translation:

"This Earth

If it were in my hands

If I were able to flip this world

If I possessed the ability to saturate this world

With seeds of love

So all this world is filled

With trees of love

So love becomes the world

So love becomes the way.”

These lines of poetry are painted in place of much of the gold coins that would usually adorn the headdress of this Palestinian woman.


  • Printed on Kodak Endura Professional Paper in a lustre finish.
  • At the moment, only this color version/language is available.
  • Perfect for your college dorm, home, or office.
  • Please note that the print does not include the gold frame.