Palestinian Catfiyyeh T-Shirt (Grey Cat)

Palestinian Catfiyyeh T-Shirt (Grey Cat)

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Feature a bit of traditional Palestinian art as part of your everyday wardrobe. Our culture, after all, is part of our resistance!

  • This design began mostly in jest (and because we love cats so much that we imagine dressing them up in mini kuffiyehs and starting a Palestinian cat cafe at Watan, oh dear). Perhaps some may find it a bit disrespectful, this dressing of cats up in a powerful symbol of Palestinian resistance. But that same symbol has been so watered down that everyone and their mother wears it. So if every other person can wear it--regardless of their political and personal affiliations--why not a cat? Let's have an existential crisis a la "The Crucible" and ask: WHAT IS IN A NAME (i.e. SYMBOL)??


  • Made of 50/50 preshrunk cotton/polyester.
  • Double needle stitching at shoulder, armhole, neck, waistband and cuffs.