Vintage Fairuz "Zahret Al-Mada'en" Movie Print (Gold)

Vintage Fairuz "Zahret Al-Mada'en" Movie Print (Gold)

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  • High-resolution print of a Watan illustration of a vintage Fairuz movie poster commemorating one of Fairuz's most famous songs--especially for Palestine.
  • This poster is drawn in the particular style recognizable in vintage movie posters of the 60s/70s (i.e. very "pop" art). We wanted to create a particular vintage movie poster for Palestine and chose to focus on Fairuz's song "Zahret Al-Made'en" (or "Oh Flower of the Cities), which sings about Jerusalem, its central place to the Arab imaginary, and its importance in the Christian and Muslim traditions. Fairuz is also portrayed wearing a thobe made during the Intifada (source credit: the Tiraz Museum & Widad Kawar's cultural collection).
  • To listen to the song and watch footage of Fairuz in Jerusalem, click here. (Fun fact: we used Fairuz's appearance in this video for the basis of her portrayal in this illustration!)
  • To read the lyrics (Arabic & English), click here.


  • Printed on Kodak Endura Professional Paper in the lustre finish.
  • Perfect for your college dorm, home, or office.
  • Available in 4 colorways.