Watan Palestinian Valentine Card Set

Watan Palestinian Valentine Card Set

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Watan is proud to present our first batch of Palestinian Valentine cards!

  • This set of Valentine cards comes with 6 cards featuring 6 distinct designs each. Each is based on a particular Palestinian theme. In this diverse set of cards, we aimed to drawn on a variety of elements, from the playful (with debka and our food) to the creative (our embroidery) to the historical (our literature):

1) "Your beauty is harder to define than Israeli borders." -@yasirtineh

2) "I fear love a lot, but a little love doesn't satisfy me." -May Ziade, Lebanese-Palestinian author

3) "You are in my skin, my feelings for Palestine are like my feelings for you: its loss is a disaster which cannot be replaced." -Ghassan Kanafani, Palestinian author and journalist

4) "Will you be the zeit to my zaatar?"

5) "I'll write you secret love letters in tatreez one day."

6) "Debka your way into my heart."


  • Measurements of each card is 2.5" x 4.25".
  • Made from a high quality 14 pt. matte cardstock paper.
  • The backside of each Valentine has a sender/receiver portion to allow you to address each Valentine to the person you care about. The rest is left relatively blank, to allow you to write a longer note if you so choose.
  • The phrase "Sending you some Palestine love!" is written on the back.