Palestinian Flag Stud Earrings
Palestinian Flag Stud Earrings

Palestinian Flag Stud Earrings

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Feature a bit of traditional Palestinian art as part of your everyday wardrobe. Our culture, after all, is our resistance!

  • These earrings are an homage to the flag of Palestine. It isn't meant to be an endorsement of nationalism, of course. But the Palestinian flag is a complicated concept to approach. For now, we accept it as perhaps another symbol to represent the struggle(s) for liberation in Palestine--not necessarily an association one makes with flags of most nations. Of course, this is only until Palestine is free (and we aren't talking about statehood!) and when that happens, you'll find me among those burning it heh. Down with borders and nationalism!


  • Gold-plated and enameled.
  • Measures about 8mm x 14mm.
  • Care: The earrings should be handled with care to extend their wear and avoid scratching/general damage. When putting on or taking off the earrings, be delicate to ensure longevity of the pieces.